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At Sinji vrh guests are served food, which is mainly produced on our own organic farm. Our vision is to preserve the traditional local dishes with a touch of freshness, like the unique use of the herbs, which are picked by us near our homestead. We always offer our guests the local and seasonal dishes that vary according to the season.  But domestic dried meat products (game salami, sausages, bacon, prosciutto and several types of cheese), various spreads and beef or deer carpaccio are always on our menu, regardless of the season. As a house specialty, we offer roasted venison and lamb from organic farming. In addition to meat dishes, homemade dumplings can be highlighted as a house specialty.  We serve nettle dumplings as a side dish and sweet walnut dumplings as a dessert.

If you want to taste more delicacies, you can also have a tasting menu accompanied by quality Vipava bottled wines (booking required).

If you want to enjoy our culinary delicacies, reservations is highly desirable.