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Magnificent view over the Vipava valley, excellent cuisine and opportunities for cycling, hiking, para-gliding. The in-house restaurant offers excellent local dishes accompanied by special Golden Ring cheeses of its own production. At Penzion Sinji vrh, you can rent top-quality electric bicycles, and we are also at your disposal with the rest of RockVelo’s cycling offer.

E-bikes to rent at Penzion Sinji Vrh

Electric mountain bike

SUNN Flash S2


The Vipava valley and the Gora area offer wonderful opportunities for cycling of all kinds! We have prepared three cycling routes for you, which start at Penzion Sinji vrh and are suitable for cycling with mountain electric bikes, which you can rent from them. While cycling, stop at our BIKE|STOP|ENJOY points, where they have a special offer for cyclists. Download the free application that will guide you along the routes:

E-bike Pricelist

Rental price per day

1 day 49€
2 days 45€
3 days and more 42€
special weekly price 38€


Rock Window of Otlica

This fantastic cycling trip takes you along the slopes of “mountain” in the shade of ancient forests. You can get refreshments at the mountain hut of Edmund Čibej in Tiha dolina (Fri-Sun only!). This is followed by a visit to the magnificent attraction: the 13-meter high rock window with the views of the entire valley!

Down to the Vipava valley

You start this slightly longer trip with a descent through the villages of Col and Vrhpolje, all the way to Napoleon’s bridge on Vipava River. From there you continue along the bike path to the center of Ajdovščina – a tour of the remains of the Roman fort Castra. You can find the opportunity to rest and recharge your batteries in the city center or at the Porka Eva pizzeria in Lokavac – directly before the long climb to Predmeja. Always take your e-bike charger with you on your trip and enjoy amazing scenery along the way!

Bike & Swim

Amazing tour option on a hot summer day! After a descent on lesser-known paths, you`ll reach the canyon of the Bela River. You continue your pleasant cycling past Wild Lake all the way to the swimming pool in Idrijska Bela. Here we recommend charging the batteries on the bike and refreshments, as the more challenging part of the trip awaits you with the ascent via Zadlog back to Sinji vrh. Don’t forget the charger and enjoy crystal clear water of Bela river!


With RockVelo, we have set up BIKE | STOP | ENJOY cycling points in the Vipava valley, where they have a special offer for you:

– Darovi Vipavske , Vipavski Križ
– Faladur , Vipava
– Pelicon , Ajdovščina
– Jolly Bar & Grill , Vipava
– Pension Sinji Vrh
– Molendini Summer Bar , Manče
– Zoro Bar , Štanjel

At all points, you can safely park your bikes on special stands and recharge your E-bikes!

Additional cycling offer in Vipava valley

  • Road side assistance
  • Guided Cycling Tours & Tastings
  • Bike point & rest stop


RockVelo provides you with the best cycling experience in Vipava valley.