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Welcome to Sinji vrh

The guests who first visits Sinji vrh are fascinated by the beautiful view of the Vipava Valley, which extends all the way to the Karavanke, Venice and Istria. At a height of more than 1000 meters, the guests can experience many pleasant moments; some of them only come here from the valley during hot summer days, others enjoy hiking along endless forest trails, some people do paragliding, others go cycling, and there are also people who merely meditate and simply enjoy the pristine nature.

Sport climbers have also come here since climbing walls were discovered nearby. Sinji vrh is also an excellent starting point for visiting the numerous attractions: caves, sinkholes, clints and grikes, ice caves, Smrekova draga, the natural limestone crack (window) Otliško okno, and the stone spiral near Otliško okno.


All days of the year with mandatory prior reservation.

By prior arrangement, the opening hours of the restaurant can be adjusted to the guests’ wishes.